ATF-100-36 / ATF-100-30

100 SERIES. This carefully- crafted, natural wood finish lectern was designed with state-of-the-art presenta- tion tools in mind. It provides secure storage with convenient access to your LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse, CPU, and more. A popular choice for the classroom, conference room, and court room–with many options that allow users to cus- tomize it to to a specific need.

Warranty: 3 Years Parts & Labor



Natural Oak

Natural Cherry

Natural Sapele

Natural Maple

Natural Walnut

Finish images are representational. If coloris critical, actual samples can be provided.ATF can build any furniture productin the laminate finish of your choiceor add a stained finish to any of thepremium veneer options. Custom colormatching and designer finishes alsoavailable. Contact ATF to learn more.

Optional Features

  • ATF-CUTOUT Custom Cutout
  • ATF-DOCDRAWER-L DOC Cam Drawer Left Side
  • ATF-DOCDVRAWER-R DOC Cam Drawer Right Side
  • ATF-FLIPSHELF Side Flip Shelf
  • ATF-FLIPWoS Upgrade Flip Up Shelf to Dry Erase Surface
  • ATF-RR10RU 10RU Rack Rails
  • ATF-LS-VHW Laptop Shelf for Veneer/Hardwood Lecterns
  • ATF-RR12RU 12RU Rack Rails
  • ATF-READLIGHT Reading Light
  • ATF-CBLMGMT Cable Mgmt. 1.5X2 Wire Duct
  • ATF-STD-IO IO Plate Laptop Connectivity
  • ATF-STD-IO-PWR IO Plate Laptop Connect Power
  • ATF-DUPLEX Duplex AC Power Outlet on Worksurface
  • ATF-CC-C Custom Lectern Crate
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